B’s Knees Fragrance Co. Was founded by Brenda Buell because of her passion for fragrance and her belief that the power of a scent can change a mood, an experience, and an attitude in a positive way immediately! She has developed a reputation for developing high quality, well-designed private label home fragrance collections for national retailers for over 20 years. She is continuing the reputation with B’s Knees and has worked tirelessly to create the most distinctive line using formulas that meet the highest standard of quality and performance.

When creating B’s Knees, Brenda wanted to take her years of knowledge and unite that with her love of fragrance, home and beautiful design using the purest and best quality ingredients possible for every day and every room!

Brenda loves to spend as much time as possible with her family of 4! In addition, her daughter Eliza has joined her team and shares the same passion and love for fragrance. “It’s a dream come true to be working along side my daughter!”

Thank you for your interest in B’s Knees Fragrance Co.



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